The Purpose of OMBUDSMAN in Cuba

OMBUDSMAN:  This is the person that runs, channels, and makes public all the complaints and demands made by the people of a country against public organizations and all its functionaries.

With this blog I do not seek any kind of role but to be of service to my countrymen. I urge anyone to collaborate with me in helping denounce any action of unreasonable decision, shameless deed or act of discrimination. As far as I am concerned, I will be personally at your disposal.

My first words are of gratitude to you, who are those who make and will make the miracle of this blog in obtaining its objective, which is nothing other than to be a window of complaint against all the anthropological harm that the people of Cuba have suffered and are suffering.

Me, I only desire to be an instrument of justice in the midst of so much intolerance, taking seriously the priestly ministry in which I was ordained, I’ll be the voice of one who cries in the wilderness, with the hope of living to see every valley filled and every mountain and hill levelled, as was the preaching of John the Baptist. This dream will come true the moment Cuba embraces each and every one of its children, without distinction of race, color, religion, political affiliation, place of residence, etc.  The day in which all the political prisoners are released and the cases of all common prisoners are reviewed and analyzed by impartial courts, given to repair and compensate all those who have been arbitrarily punished by courts today, the day that the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba will be based on the 30 points of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  It will be at that moment that this blog which is yours as well, will have rightfully accomplished its purpose.



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